Romans 1-3, 4

Romans 1-3 is a powerful picture of God’s judgement and how His law (whether perceived through the words of Scripture and/or through the conscience He has given us in our heart) places all of us under condemnation as sinful beings. But then, oh the joy of this thought, Romans 4 shows us the picture of God’s miraculaous grace given to us by Him.  And Romans 5 shows us how to appropriate this grace in our lives.  Unconditionally forgiven and in accordance with our faith, His grace changes us completely.  If any one is in Christ Paul says, they are a new creation.  Praise God.  Our walk and relationship with Him transforms us from within, not religiously from without.  The fellowship that then forms around this tranformation brings us amazing joy.  The "religion" that then develops around this transformed fellowship is what is real.  The question is…have we been transformed! 

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