Neo-Orthodoxy revisited

Yesterday I tweeted about an inherent danger in a neo-orthodox view of revelation and the bible.  As neo-orthodoxy sees the written words of the bible not as propositional revelation in and of themselves but as “becoming” revelation personally to an individual as they encounter the Spirit in the words, they open themselves up to subjectivity in their walk with God (ie your revelation is yours, mine is mine).  Karl Barth as the prototype neo-orthodox theologian (he would never have accepted this term) was writing and living out his faith in a time of dead liberalism in the early to mid 2oth century.  His view of “krisis encounter with the Lord in the Word” was truly a breath of lively fresh air.  I would just add that personal revelation as encountered individually in the word needs to be tempered and tested by the propositional revelatory truth of the words of scripture.  If the personal revelation of neo-orthodoxy is tempered by the propositional revlation of the words of scripture, then a truly alive orthodox balance is struck.


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