Hebrews 6:1-8

This is one of the most controversial passages in the New Testament in regards to the Christian life.  After being introduced to the Lord, is it possible to walk away?  So often this passage has been used in one way or another to support or disprove discussions on the possibility of loosing ones salvation.  While that may be addressed here, the main point of the passage is “dont even get to that point”…if we press on from immaturity to maturity  the point becomes moot.  An underlying theme to the book of Hebrews is to “press on in the faith”.  That is the message here.  In the power of the Holy Spirit leave immaturity behind and press on to maturity and realize the promises of Titus 3:5…”He saved us…by the washing of regeneration and renewing (growing in maturity) by the Holy Spirit”.  Whether or not one can loose ones salvation is a discussion for another day.  At the very least there are significant consequences for not growing up in the faith.


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