Hebrews 6:9-20-Ministry rewards and medical practice as ministry

God will not forget our work in ministering to others.  In showing a love for God in faithful and patient ministering (not easy when done in our own strength) to others, He stays true to His promise to Abraham and us “surely I will bless you and multiply you”.  He also gives an oath to remind us of the surety of His promises and the unchangeableness of His plan.  This then gives us hope as the anchor for our soul…eternally in Jesus (as He became our priest forever like the no beginning or end ministry of the order of Melchizedek).    This is why we can expect God to keep blessing us even though He has blessed us so greatly already…as a kind and loving Father He keeps giving His children good things.  From this flows the meaning of Christian hope “living now in the expectation that God can and will do what He says he will”.  Whether medically ministering to others or lay ministering in a church or professionally ministering, these promises hold true for those whose eyes of faith see this paradigm as a context for service.


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