Hebrews 13; Classic faith reminders

The last chapter in this amazing book is full of “classic” reminders in the faith: Do not neglect to show hospitality, remember the prisoners, hold marriage in honor, be free from the love of money, imitate your mentors in the faith, do not be carried away by strange teachings, offer a sacrifice of praise…God’s wisdom never ceases to encourage, teach and challenge us.


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  1. Mary Duffee says:

    I’ve often wondered what the “sacrifice of praise” means. Is it a sacrifice to praise God?

  2. The parallel verse that comes to mind is Romans 12:1…”present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God which is our spiritual service of worship”. In the Romans context and in the context of Hebrews 13:15, how/why can worship/praise be sacrificial? The way I have thought about it is that in those times of worship when we are completely repentant and surrendered and open to God’s leading our praise becomes a sacrificial offering of ones self. A less spiritual way I have thought about it is as a worship leader. Sometimes it is plain hard work to practice and prepare to lead in worship and in a sense is an offering or sacrifice of obedience.

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