James 4; the adulteress

In this context, the adulteress is one who trades friendship with God for friendship with the world.  This betrayal (trading God’s friendship for the world’s) brings hostility to God’s word (among other things).   No wonder the world can be so ambivalent or even hostile to the amazing wise word of God as represented in Scripture.  How do we restore our friendship with God.  James 4 suggests that we submit to God, resist the Devil, draw near to God, clean our hands and purify our hearts, humble oneself.  These are not easy steps, but they are steps which the Holy Spirit encourages and enables.  The additional application question is how do we avoid this sort of friendship with the world but still maintain a compassion for those individuals steeped within it.  Lord grant us the wisdom to draw near to you and reach out to those who want to be free from the world’s snare.


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