Prayer, faith and health: Part 2; James 5:13-18

For those of us that see Scripture (God’s word to us in the Bible) as our ultimate authority, there is no question that prayer and faith play a key component to the health and healing of the faithful.  Look at James 5. There is a clear approach to a Christian faith community encouraging one who is not feeling well.  The suffering should pray, the sick should call for church leadership to anoint with oil and call upon God’s healing and these activities offered in faith will bring restoration and forgiveness.  These promises are not meant to replace medical science.  They are complimentary.  As we seek diagnosis and treatment from modern medicine, we are invited to participate in supportive communities of faith.  God in His sovereignty will bring response.  Proverbs 3:8 reminds that fear of and following God brings healing.  Proverbs 16:24 also reminds us that positive and pleasant speech brings healing.  For those of faith there is no question that supernature can and does intervene in our daily “natural” lives.


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