1 Peter 1:22-25; Why is a great example modeled?

Jesus’ ministry to us not only saved us from our wandering ways unto new life in God, He modeled for us an example as to how to live a life of devotion.  Why is it when we look at a great example, it spurs in us a desire to model it?  1 Peter 1:22-25 gives us some insight.  Our obedience or our attempts at trying to be like our Lord (or in a secular sense trying to be like a great teacher) in some small way, come from a desire to embrace His completely consistent life.  This/His consistency is evidence for the truth of His teachings and ways.  All of us in some way are truth seekers and we will try to live in obedience to the truth we have found.  The issue then becomes have we found the “right truth” because one can see in verse 22 that living in obedience to ones truth brings forth fruit (tasteful here but rotten in the case of misguided truth).  In these verses we see, in the case of obedience to the truth found in Jesus Christ, the fruit described as purification of one’s soul and fervent love of the bretheren (those who share the same commitment to truth).  Verses 23-25 then show how this truth is able to change us and is eternal which is another reason we are willing to follow “examples of truth”.


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