Isaiah 4 and 5; Remnant or Rebel?

Isaiah shows us a contrast between two types of people.  The remnant of chapter 4 are characterized by “life in Jerusalem”, those who have found and fostered a spiritual walk with God.  In particular Isaiah uses the term “those who are washed…by the spirit…”  The rebels of chapter 5 however are different.  They are characterized by greed (adding house to house and joining field to field vs. 8), lack of knowledge (vs. 13), and feeling “wise in their own eyes” (vs. 21).  This is the distinction between life lived in the Spirit as opposed to life lived in the flesh.  How can we foster this type of life in the Spirit, so important to Isaiah, in ourselves and our fellowships?  Titus 3:5…God’s work in us through Christ, washing and regenerating us.  It is a process and journey, not a sudden arriving, thankfully…


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