Isaiah 7; A child is the sign of God’s faithfulness

God is so faithful to us.  Just look at the many blessings, protections, joys, provisions that he grants to us daily.  Yet in the midst of a challenge it is so easy to forget what he has done and can do for us.  But even in those times God is patient and gives the ultimate sign to us to remember He is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do.  Faithless king Ahaz was in a similar situation in Isaiah 7.  Being challenged by a foreign invader, Ahaz is given the promise by God that when a child is born, it will be a reminder that God is with them.  This prophecy is also ours and is fulfilled in the child Jesus.  What His birth will be  is God’s presence to/for and now in us.  What an awesome reminder of God’s faithfulness.  Not by might or power but by my Spirit (and Child) says the Lord


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