Isaiah 10:1-19; Reconciling God’s presence with His punishment

Isaiah chapters 8 and 9 are strong reminders to us that God is with us, loves us, cares for us and longs to protect us even to the point of sending His promised Son to reach into our world and offer the way for true relationship with God.  How then do we reconcile this picture with the tone and picture of God presented in chapter 10.  Part of the answer is seen in verse 11.  Here God reminds us that His judgement does not show favoritism.  He is strong to guard His image, message and reputation from idols no matter who (in this case Jerusalem and Samaria and then Assyria in verse 12) creates a graven image.  Additionally verse 12 shows why the judgement occurs, “I will punish the fruit of the arrogant heart”.  This is tough and real love…a promise of presence and faithfulness and yet a calling out if needed in the midst of that.  The challenge to us is how shall we respond?…with a return to humility and greatfulness to the creator God of the universe or with selfish cries of “fairness”.


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