Isaiah 10:20-34; A remnant returns

God is faithful in bringing a remnant of His people through all trials and tribulations.  For some the trial or tribulation causes stress and separation in a relationship with God.  For others it makes them long even more for the Lord.  This second group of people God calls His remnant and promises to bring them into the fulness of all His promises in the proper time.  Romans chapters 9-11 describe this in great detail with regards to the nation of Israel being used by God to bring His message to the gentiles even though many amongst the nation rejected it…”in the same way then there has also come to be at the present time  a remnant according to God’s gracious choice” (Romans 11:5).  In Romans 11:19 speaking about the gentiles Paul writes, “branches were broken off so I might be grafted in”.  God in His soverignty uses and preserves faithful people as a remnant through all history, preserving the message and bearing testimony to His name…


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