Isaiah 11:6-10; Cultural reconciliation

Will there ever be a time where people can live at peace with God and others?  These verses foreshadow that time.  Theological presuppositions aside (dispensational vs. covenant), these verses (in the spirit of Isaiah’s prophecies) foreshadow a time known as the millenium.  This special epoch of time as outlined in Revelation 20 is a 1000 year period where Satan is bound, evil is subdued, God is made known and His followers rule and reign with Him in the spirit of all the Old Testament promises to the nation of Israel both physically as a nation and spiritually as God’s new mulitcultural people.  Note the paradigms of peace, reconciliation and the acknowledgement of ultimate truth, “for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord”…


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  1. Mary Duffee says:

    An awesome promise we can cling to when times look bleak.

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