Isaiah 13; A look at the second coming

This chapter looks ahead to the coming destruction of the nation of Israel, southern kingdom of Judah, at the hands of Babylon.  This event prophesied here about 200 years before it occurred in 587 BC was a watershed event for the Judeo Christian faith.  During the 70 years of exile in Babylon the people refocused themselves with Daniel the prophet and others maintaining a commitment to the Lord.  Daniel’s prophecies during this time were unique because they were not directed at his contemporaries (as were the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah), but to all who were looking ahead (and are still looking ahead) to the culmination of the end of time by our Lord.  This time, often called “The Day of the Lord” is also foreshadowed in this chapter (vss 6-16) and is spelled out in detail in Revelation chapter 19 (Jesus’ second coming) and the judgements that follow in Revelation 20.  The 7 years prior to these events (still yet future and often called “the tribulation”) are initiated by what Daniel (Daniel 9) and Jesus (Matthew 24) call the abomination of desolation.  This chapter also prophecies the destruction of Babylon at the hands of the Medes and Persians, a prophecy which has also been fulfilled.  This is an amazing chapter with 2 historically fulfilled prophecies enveloping a yet to be fulfilled prophecy.  God in His sovereignty continues to show us His sure hand in history and in doing so, the historical basis for our faith and hope.


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