Isaiah 14:1-23; The million dollar question…?

As the Lord continues to use the nation of Israel to accomplish and show His purposes in history, the question asked here in verse 1 is extremely poignant.  “When will the Lord have compassion on Jacob and again choose Israel and settle them in their own land and [when]  will strangers join them and attach themselves to the house of Jacob?”  Covenant theology says “spiritually now”.  Dispensational theology says “in the millenium”.  As hinted at in Romans 9-11, I think the answer lies somewhere in between.  It is true that in a spiritual sense the church as Israel is experiencing a spiritual “homecoming” in that the work of Christ has ushered in heavenly rewards here and now.  But it is also true that God (as we saw in chapter 13) is still working His purposes toward “the Day of the Lord”.  In that day we will see literal fulfillment of Old Testament promises to the nation of Israel as Jesus returns to reign with His church.  So the answer to the million dollar question is “both now and not yet”.  And so we live in the light of His glorious grace now and look forward with Christian hope to the return of our Lord…


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