Isaiah 24-25; the events of Revelation 19 prophesied

When we come across passages of judgement (as in Isaiah 24, Revelation 19:11-21) and fellowship (Marriage supper of the lamb Isaiah 25:6-12, Revelation 19:7-10), how should we respond?  These passages remind one of the stark distinction between darkness and light.  They can have no part with each other.  Coming to the Light, (“if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light we have fellowship with one and other and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin” 1 John 1) we enter into fellowship with the unique God of the universe.  Not because of anything instrinsic to us but because of Him.  Rejecting the light leaves one lost.  Lost simply means living without purpose, hope and relational knowledge of God and the spiritual life.  This dichotomy in the end, the Bible implies, will be dissolved.  This struggle will end.  If we walk in and with the Light, we can look forward to that day when we eat a banquet meal with the God of the universe according to these passages.  How then should we response to these passages?  Embrace the Light…


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