Statin therapy for elevated cholesterol; summary information; lipids

Statin therapy is widely used to lower cholesterol.  The assumption is that this therapy helps to lower risk for vascular events.  The Cholesterol Treatment Trialists Collaberative (CTT) has done meta-analyses evaluating this question.  Take home points:  1.  In people who are not on a statin, taking one when indicated reduces risk for vascular events.  2.  In people on a statin for a prior vascular problem, more intensive therapy reduces risk for recurrence.  3.  Diabetics benefit from statin therapy.  4.  There is no evidence at this point that statins are associated with cancer.  5.  Of course the caveat to all this includes a discussion of one’s personal medical history and appropriateness for therapy with a physician.  (ie individualized decision making).  See link below:


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