Isaiah 27:1-6; Peace and protection

Another song (see vs 2) of praise for protection coming on the heels of chapter 26’s (see vs 1) song.   In these verses we are reminded to rely on God’s protection of us as we “make peace” with Him.  How is it that making peace with God brings a promise of and actual physical protection?  We are a competitive and confrontational society which can easily carry over into our relationship with God.  Frustration, anger and blame are common attitudes we carry amongst each other and in the process of our search for or growing in God.  God extends an offer for us to let all this go and make peace with Him.  In the process of our letting go and making peace He protects and nurtures us as a vine keeper does a vineyard (vss 2-3).  What a promise.  Trading angst for peace.  Do we trust Him enough to make this change in our hearts?


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