Isaiah 27:7-12; The nation rebuked, a heart redeemed

This is a  difficult passage in understanding who is the “He” and who are the “they”.  If the “He” is the Lord and the “they” are the nation of Israel this passage then becomes one of collective punishment and individual redemption.  The nation of Israel is banished and punished and Jerusalem itself “is islolated” (verse 10).  The punishment and rebuke culminate in verse 11, “they are not a people of discernment, therefore their Maker will not have compassion on them and their Creator will not be gracious to them”.  But God in His gracious and wonderful compassion shifts paradigms.  If “they” will not respond what about “you”?   Verse 12 shows this wonderfully, “in that day the Lord will start His threshing…and you will be gathered up one by one O sons of Israel”.  The “you” in this verse while plural in number in the original Hebrew creates a powerful paradigm shift.  Rather than seeing the “they” nation, He now sees the individual hearts that make up that nation (ie “each and every one of you”).  What an amazing promise.  God does not desert us even when our nation has deserted Him.  We can be redeemed from collective pasts as God heals and speaks directly to our own heart.  What an amazing God of grace and love.  We are not trapped by our past or our culture.  He reaches in and redeems us one heart at a time.  Praise God!


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