Isaiah 29; Blessing follows discipline

The city of David, Jerusalem, called “Ariel” in these verses is being disciplined by the Lord.  Although He reminds them that He Himself and not other warring nations will be the source of this discipline and instruction.  Even in His sovereign correction He is protecting and watching His people.  They have lost their spiritual sensitivity.  Their eyes are shut, their heads are covered and even their prophets are not able to hear from the Lord.  This is a desparate situation.  But the Lord in his gracious love says, “behold I will once again deal marvelously with this people” (vs 14).  He calls for transparency (vs 15), He reminds them that he is the “potter” and we are the “clay” (vs 16) and the result is restored relationship (vs 22-23).  Openess to the Lord’s instruction is critical to building relationship with Him.  Blessing can then follow.


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