Isaiah 32; Conditions for discerning truth

A possible way to look at discernment is the process by which our principles mature towards truth in light of our interaction with fact.  For a scientist, fact is data collected from physical phenomena.  For a theologian (God follower or seeker), fact is collected from encountering God in and through His W(w)ord.  Another way to say this would be, “discernment is the collection, observation and experiencing of accurate data which allows us to more accurately develop truth principles”.  A keen scientific mind sees purpose in brownian motion or in the hunt for the Higgs Boson.  A keen spiritual mind sees when the righteous King appears (32:1-2) and opens eyes (and ears) to the truth (32:3-4).  The hermeneutic is the same for both.  From physical events or God’s word we (as scientist theologians) deduce (a conclusion follows from the premise) physical and spiritual conclusions.  As our conclusions prove to be true we (as scientist theologians) induce (a conclusion is inferred from the premise) truth principles.  Is there absolute truth?…yes.  Can we know this truth?…yes.  Can we know this truth perfectly in our current fallen state?…no, but we can grow in discernment as we seek to grow in God’s word.


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