Isaiah Summary

So far we have been through 39 chapters of the book of Isaiah.  They can roughly be summarized as follows:  I.  Chapters 1-12; Discipline and Restoration of the nation of Judah.  II.  Chapters 13-24; Judgement of Nations.  III.  Chapters 25-39; Redemption.  We now come to section IV, the final section (chapters 40-66) summarized as Soverign God’s Gracious Plan.  While the whole book is powerful, in this final section we will see the wisdom of God unfold in history as we see forward looking prophecies regarding the salvation of the world (as Isaiah looked ahead) fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ (as we look back on these events).  The next chapter, chapter 40, is possibly one of the most beautiful and amazing pictures of a sovereign God reaching out to humanity with a ministry of forgiveness and salvation…


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