Isaiah 40; A life changing passage of Scripture, God’s sovereignty and Messiah

If I could only choose 5 passages of Scripture to have as life verses, one of them would be Isaiah chapter 40 (the others would be Psalm 16, Proverbs 3, Romans 8 and the book of 1 John).  Not only does Isaiah chapter 40 mark an important transition for Isaiah towards the portrayal of God’s sovereign plan of redemption, it foreshadows John the Baptist’s introduction of the coming Messiah in the New Testament.  Look closely at the picture painted by Isaiah of our gracious and loving yet sovereign and powerful God.  Forgiveness (vs 1), revelation of Himself through His word (vss 5-8; how reassuring it is to know that God’s word stands forever), and strength and tenderness (vss 10-11).  Note the sovereign wisdom in vss 12-17, the unique creator in vss 18-26 and the strength giver (vss 27-31).  John the Baptist uses Isaiah 40:3 to introduce Jesus Messiah’s coming (see Matthew 3:1-11).  In the midst of these accolades of the almighty in Isaiah 40, the Messiah is introduced.  Being able to look back and see how these verses have unfolded in History can be an amazing encouragement to ones faith.


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