Isaiah 42:14-25; If only God would show Himself, then I would believe

How often have we heard sceptics say, “if God is real and powerful, why does He just not speak and show Himself and make Himself obvious”.  If he would, the argument goes, “then it would be easy to believe and trust in Him”.  In these verses in Isaiah, God addresses this issue.  He says, “I have kept silent for a long time, I have kept still and restrained Myself.  Now, [I will forcefully show Myself] and I will lead the blind and turn darkness into light (verses 14-17 paraphrased).  And in true “what have you done for me lately” fashion the hard-hearted can not see or hear His actions or His voice.  “You have seen many things, but you do not observe them; your ears are open but none hears” (verse 20).  No proof is ever enough proof for those whose minds are closed a priori.  What more evidence can there be than a God promising to step in, then doing so in the historical ministry of Jesus and being able to see both the prediction and fulfillment as we study the book of Isaiah.  Even a hard-core logical positivist should be taken aback by this.  The more important issue is a spiritual one…How hard and deaf is ones own heart in being able to hear the Word of God speak?


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