Isaiah 55; The sufficiency of the word

Isaiah continues in chapter 55 to expound on the sufficiency of God’s word.  Compared to rain and snow which fall and water the earth causing it to bear fruit, so too God’s word as Scripture (read, proclaimed, preached and studied) “will not return empty without accomplishing what I (God) desire and without succeeding in the matter for which it was sent” (verse 11).  This is why the very words of Scripture are so powerful and why the Bible is such a special book and collection of writings.  As God breathed and inspired, these words are powerful to guide, lead, direct, empower and encourage those who heed them and take them to heart (theopneustos, 2 Tim 3:16).  God has put the power of His breath into them so that they bring forth the results they teach and promise.  These words are literally “alive with the life and breath of God” and in them we can truly encounter the living Word.  As Christians we truly are “people of the book”, not simply to gain knowledge that is contained in the book but in order to encounter the God who inspired the book…


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