Isaiah 62; Spiritually transformed and called by a new name

The amazing gift of grace given to us through the plan of Israel’s God through the person of Jesus Christ has the power to make us brand new.  While our pasts can tend to trap us in a sense of despair or futility, God’s promise to us is that we can be made completely brand new when we turn our faith and trust to Him.  Look in this chapter at the nation of Israel.  God says, “and you will be called by a new name” (verse 2).  2 Corinthians 5:17 promises that if anyone is “in Christ” (ie comes to Him in faith, believes He is who He says He is and turns from a former manner of living to live for Christ) they will be made brand new.   That is the promise of freedom from the past, freedom from bondage to things not good for us and freedom from guilt and anxiety.


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