Isaiah 63; Judgement, redemption and call for renewal

This chapter illustrates an important pattern in the walk of faith.  In verses 1-6, God shows His holiness and sanctity in sovereign expression of judgement. These verses are a reminder of His complete “otherness”, above and beyond us.  How can we ever enter a relationship with Him and why would He even want to relate to us?  Verses 7-14 show why.  God’s loving kindness, goodness and compassion allows Him to recognize us.  “Surely they are my people”, He states.  Then comes the response of a grateful heart, “You, O Lord are our Father, our Redeemer from old is Your Name”.  When we can see God as high and lifted up and transcendent, we can appreciate His reaching out to us.  We can respond with an attitude of newness of heart and rejuvenation of faith walk.


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