Isaiah 65:11-25; Forsaking or following the Lord

In this chapter, verse 11 begins with an entreaty to those “who forsake the Lord”.  In the subsequent verses, the Lord says, “but you who forsake the Lord…will be hungry and thirsty and have a heavy heart”.  In these same verses,  those who follow the Lord will eat and drink and rejoice and have troubles forgotten.  Additionally the hope that grows in the heart and spirit of a follower of the Lord is for a time of peace and renewal called the Millenium.   The joy, peace and fellowship of the Millenium is described in verses 17-25.  In a sense we experience spiritual benefits of the Millenium now through our fellowship in the church.  And as Revelation 20 promises and as Isaiah 65 fleshes out, these promises are a source of hope for the follower of the Lord.


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