Psalm 119:49-56; Zayin and the power of the word

The word “word” is the theologically most profound issue in all of scripture.  Understanding its use brings an understanding as to how God has and does reach into our lives, speaks to and saves us.  As Davar in Hebrew and Logos in Greek, the exegetical and hermeneutical distinction between an encounter with the word as written scripture (Bible) or the second person of the Godhead (Jesus) is the issue Karl Barth built his entire systematic theology around.  As we encounter God through the teaching and study of the written word or in the ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit directly to our hearts we see the amazing spiritual reality which transforms us.  Look at how the word changes us in these verses.  It (He) brings hope (vs 49), comfort and revival (vs 50-51), and singing (vs 54).  These are the real and physical expressions of real spiritual life within.  As we encounter God’s word personally AND propositionally we encounter the creator God of the universe Who reaches out towards us and brings Himself into relationship with us.


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