Psalm 119:73-80; Yodh and created in God’s image

Genesis is known to describe our state as “created in God’s image” (1:26).  That portion of God’s image in us is felt to be our rationality…that which sets us apart from other created things.  These verses in Psalms provide another unique look into how our created nature can be seen to reflect an image of God.   Psalm 119:73 says “Your hands made me and fashioned me”.  In verse 74 the psalmist writes “may those who fear You see me and be glad”.  How does a believer’s heart go from fear of the Lord to gladness when he sees a brother “waiting for God’s word”?    In verse 79 it says, “may those who fear You turn to me”.  Again a believer’s heart goes from fear to trust after seeing a brother’s walk.  As we relate to one another in fellowship we see God’s power and grace at work changing lives by faith and the word.  This reflects the image of God’s grace and mercy and reminds us of that part of God’s image and nature.  Thus being in God’s image not only encompasses our rational thought but also his grace and mercy at work in us.


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