Psalm 119:97-104; Mem and relationship with God through Old Testament law

In the New Testament era, we can relate directly with God through the ministry of grace and mercy through Jesus Christ.  The Old Testament law was a vehicle to guide us practically and theologically to an understanding of the necessity of our need for grace and mercy (Galatians 3:19-29, especially verse 24).  The Old Testament law (understood as both the formal Torah and also God’s teaching throughout the Old Testament) often gets a “bad rap” as being that thing which was the “burden of weight” upon the backs of the people, constantly reminding them of their shortcomings.  And so it did, but in these verse of Psalm 119 we see that those who are in submission to God and his law find it a source for deep relationship, love and joy in a walk with God.  So too it can be today for us under the new covenant.  We know we are sinful and fall short of God’s glory and plan for us.  But with His forgiveness AND guidelines we can relate to Him on His terms.  As a child yearns for a parent to give him boundaries and rules in the context and understanding of the parent’s love for the child, so too we can yearn to walk with God in the context of His written precepts for us.


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