Philippians 2:5-11; The ultimate example of humility and its practical implications

The previous post focused on our call to humility in our interactions with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. But Paul does not leave us hanging, he shares the perfect example of humility in action in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. This passage, often referred to as the “kenosis” passage (from the greek verb kenao” which means “to empty”), shows exactly what the Lord did for us in the ultimate act of humility. He emptied Himself (taking the form of a human servant), He humbled Himself by being obedient unto death and for this reason God highly exalted Him. What did this emptying entail. We know that Jesus remained fully sovereign and in control of history despite His being taken to the cross. Thus He emptied Himself of the accolades and attributes due Him and He willingly gave up the use of His power to intervene in preventing His own death (although at any time He could have invoked said power) on the basis of His understanding of His heavenly father’s wise plan. What does this mean for us? At the very least it stirs and motivates our spirit, in the power of The Spirit, to live a life of sacrifice…Lord help us. But it also may explain in part why certain events happen to us that “may not seem fair or right”. We often ask why God does not intervene in an illness or injustice. This passage shows that God may hold back on using His power to intervene on the basis of His patient understanding of a bigger purpose. Thus in those tough times, it may be more fruitful for us to seek the wisdom of God in patience even as we ask for His miraculous intervention; both of which He can exercise in His sovereignty. We can agree with the words of Job when he says, “I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted…therefore I have declared that which I do not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know (42:2-3).


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  1. Dorothy says:

    “that which I do no understand”how awesome is our God, He came

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