Philippians 2:19-30; Timothy, Epaphroditus and sharing the work of ministry

In these verses Paul shows his willingness to share or delegate the work of ministry to 2 people who he trusted, Timothy and Epaphroditus. Oftentimes this is not easy to do because as we minister there is often the sense of “will the other person take as much care and concern as I do”. But Paul realized some very important character traits in these 2 people that can serve as an example for us when we look for teammates in ministry. A kindred spirit, genuine concern, not seeking his own interests but those of Christ, and a servant’s heart were qualities he saw in Timothy. In Epaphroditus Paul saw a fellow worker, fellow soldier, a messenger, a minister, and care to the point of being distressed (that they were worried for him and his illness). As we share ministry we can get a sense of these qualities in ourselves and others in order to create a supportive ministry environment.


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