Philippians 3:12-21; Perseverance in a life of faith

The apostle Paul shows us in these verses that no matter how experienced one is in their faith walk, there is always more room for growth. In verse 13, the phrase “ou logidzomai kateilephenai” translated in the NASB as “I do not regard myself as having laid hold of [it], is implying the referent for this goal of the faith walk. This referent and goal is seen in verse 10 namely, “[the knowledge of] Him (Jesus) and the power of His resurrection”. This goal is the experiential living of the Christian life in both knowledge of the truth and the power of that truth through the resurrection to change us. We are all growing works in progress as we learn to appropriate these truths more and more in our lives as believers. We are the first to admit we are not perfect but pressing on. This is a fact the world often looses site of when it judges believers on the basis of perfection. It is at this point that hypocrisy becomes a badge of honor in that at least as “hypocrites” faith walking believers are at least claiming and attempting to reach a goal though often falling short. Those accusing believers of hypocrisy generally feel they are not hypocrites, comfortable in their own self assured satisfaction.

The practical point here though is that as believers we should press on in the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8, Hebrews 1-4) towards a more consistent walk of faith. Not primarily as a proof to the world (however internal consistency of faith and walk is a strong apologetic witness) but in anticipation of meeting the One we truly serve (vs 20)…


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