Creation and the amazing implication of knowing God both objectively and subjectively

Is it possible to know Someone (ie God) or something both objectively and subjectively? Does this depth of knowledge create deeper relationship? Karl Barth says (Church Dogmatics III.1 p.61ff), “We are then confronted by the difficulty that between the beginning of the Bible and its continuation there yawns the abyss that on the one side we have to do with a non-historical and on the other with a historical reality of God. In what sense, then, can we really believe in both cases when according to all that follows in the Bible “believing” signifies a relationship to the specific historical acts and attitudes of God”? Enter the doctrine of creation, the doctrine that states that the eternal God created then placed into time our physical world and existence (Genesis 1 and 2) and later created new life in us who believe (2 Cor 5:17). He existed before and still exists outside these acts of creation (to us, non-historical and “subjective” reality), but now makes Himself known to us in these acts of creation (to us, historical and “objective” reality). We are confronted by God’s objective reality in the physical world around us. We encounter then know God’s subjective personality as His being changes us from within and we walk in fellowship with Him. A newly created spiritual life lived then becomes its own objective history. This parallels a doctrine of revelation that sees God’s written words of the Bible as both propositional (revealing logical truths) and personal (releasing an encounter of us with the Triune God as we grow in the person behind the words of truth).


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  1. Floyd and Mary says:

    This made us really think. It felt good, thanks for your wisdom.

    1. thanks for thinking about the concept. Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics volumes on creation have been fun reading…

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