Habakkuk 1:12-17; Questions, answers and an indictment

In chapter one so far, Habakkuk has asked two questions.  First “God why dont you hear me” and second “God what you are doing is not fair”.  After God shows Habakkuk that He is listening and responding, Habakkuk launches into an indictment of God’s activity, implying that it is not just.  Habakkuk says in vs 13 “Your eyes are too pure to approve evil (yet) You look with favor on those who deal treacheously”.  Of course this was not the case, but that is how it seemed to Habakkuk.  That this was a serious indictment against God, Habakkuk acknowledges by saying in chapter 2 verse 1, “I will watch to see what He may speak to me and how I will reply when I am reproved”.  How often have we felt like this in our prayer and spiritual life? How often have we heard God’s reply in defense of Himself (as if He owes us an explanation)? Chapters 2 and 3 become a unique opportunity to hear and see God’s response to us in our often false and hasty perception of an “unjust” response to our prayer.


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