Jude 1:8-16; The attitudes of ungraceful behavior and reconnecting with grace

In verse 3, Jude calls out “certain persons” who were not properly handling the gift of grace.  As we come to faith in Christ and God offers his gift of ongoing forgiveness, do we respond by changing and growing closer to Him by a volitional decision empowered by the Holy Spirit or do we use His willingness to forgive as a license to “do what is right in our own eyes” (see the book of Judges)?  The attitude behind this “licentiousness” is illustrated in Jude 1:8-16.  A rebellious nature characterized by “reviling angelic majesties” (ie not believing the spiritual world has any reality in day to day life), selfishishness, grumbling, fault finding, lusting, arrogance and flattering.  This book and these accusations are harsh but can drive us to a reflective place where we reexamine and reconnect with God to empower us to be graceful people.


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