New blood thinner, Dabigatran, is as effective and safe as old blood thinner, Coumadin

For stroke prevention in people with atrial fibrillation who are at high risk for stroke, Coumadin has been the old standby medication for blood thinning.  However it comes with a significant “hassle factor” of frequent outpatient status monitoring checks.  Dabigatran, a new blood thinner that can be given based on a standard dose adjusted for kidney function, has been shown to be as effective but without the “hassle factor”.  Early reports suggested that Dabigatran may cause more bleeding side effects but a new FDA report suggests that it is no more risky than Coumadin.  In the right patient, the benefits of these blood thinners for stroke protection outweigh the risks and in those able and willing to accept the higher cost lower hassle factor of Dabigatran, it is certainly an option.  More information in the link below…


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