1 John 2:1-14; The responsibility that comes from knowing God and His word

In the first 2 verses of this chapter John reminds us that we are free from a life controlled by sin as we walk in the light and are forgiven by the light (Jesus).  “These things”, John says, are written so that we may not sin.  However, as perfect as God’s power in us is, our human nature still “acts up”.  In these instances, Jesus is our advocate who can take our sin.  That being said, what is our responsibility for living the Christian life?  These verses state we are to keep His commandments and His word.  If we say we know Him but do not keep His commandments or word, “we lie and the truth is not in us”.  But if we abide in Him, walking as He walked, our faith shows as real.  Our volitional choice to keep His commandments is powered by the Lord and Holy Spirit…Lord gives us that strength.


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