Proverbs 1:20-33; Biblical wisdom’s warnings

What wisdom warns is found in verses 22-27.  The love of “simple mindedness or naivete”, scoffing and the hatred of knowledge ultimately brings dread, calamity, distress and anguish.  In light of this we are entreated to “turn to my (wisdom’s) reproof”.  This turning affords secure living and release from the dread of evil (vss 23, 33).  What naivete/simplemindedness is can be seen in Proverbs 1:32, 8:5, 9:4 and 9:13.  Rather than an innocence it is a deliberate waywardness, lack of discernment, and a lack of understanding/knowledge.  Scoffing is illustrated in Proverbs 14:6, 19:25 and 21:24 and is shown as one who does not accept rebuke.  In the context of our culture these are powerful reminders to me of important heart attitudes which do not come easily (namely seeking understanding and knowledge in the word and in relationships and being open to correction).  Lord provide us the strength to seek these heart attitudes.


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