Proverbs 2:6-22; Wisdom offers guidance and protection

The promises in these verse are for protection, discernment and deliverance.  As God gives wisdom to those who seek (verse 6), His active protection of us manifests itself.  He becomes our shield (vs 7), guards our path (vs 8) and preserves our way (vs 8).  A life protected by the Lord in this manner grows in discernment, knowledge and discretion (vss 9-11).  These qualities are not easily acquired on their own, but as gifts from God they are invaluable for surviving in this world.  Furthermore, these gifts of God keep us from the influences of evil, perverse speech and the influence of flattery.  It seems that a very practical way to be under God’s protection is to prayerfully seek the wisdom He has to teach and offer us in His word and in a relational walk with Him.


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