Proverbs 3:9-10; Material generosity results in repletion

The Bible is full of counter-intuitive principles.  How do we find life?  By dying to self.  How do we enter into dynamic leadership?  By being a servant.  How do we find the truth?  By letting go of all our pretensions of knowledge and intelligence and seeking with an open heart.  These verses in Proverbs illustrate another faith principle, as we give generously of material possessions, we actually gain back even more.  The adjective”replete”, or the noun “repletion” describe the state of being fully nourished (barns filled with plenty, vats overflowing with new wine).  The promise here is that when we give generously, repletion happens.  While our motive in giving should not be “to get”, it is amazing how God honors a cheerful giver with repletion.  Whether it is the supernatural generosity of our God who can feed 5000 people with a loaf of bread and 2 fish or the simplifying of a lifestyle that lives with less yet finds itself with more, God takes care of us.  As we give we can exit the materialistic rat race and enter the repleted reward of God’s promises.  What an awesome place to be…


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  1. Floyd and Mary says:

    So true – as we experience God’s provision in our lives.

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