Proverbs 3:13-26; The health benefits of wisdom

Solomon likes to “personify” the effect wisdom has when it is applied in our lives.  In these verse he calls wisdom “her”.  This “person” is shown to have a beneficial effect on the quality and longevity of one’s life.  Better than “profit, jewels and worldly desires”, wisdom applied brings long life (physical life), pleasant ways, a tree of life, happiness, life to one’s soul (spiritual life), and freedom from anxiety and insomnia.  Conventional thinking says worldly wealth can provide these things, but affluence does not reduce the number of requests for an Ambien prescription.  Why is it that a heart committed to applying wisdom (ie learning, growing in and applying Biblical precepts) is able to avoid “sudden fear” and to “sleep sweetly” (vss 24-25)?  The perfect love of the Holy Spirit casts out fear (1John 4:15-21) and as we grow in the words, precepts and application of Scripture, we grow deeper in a faith relationship with God…the same God Who “casts out fear” and brings health and fullness to our lives.


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