Proverbs 4:1-27; More biblical health principles

Again in this chapter Solomon illustrates the importance of  a father’s instruction to his son.  While benefits such as gaining understanding, protection, “unimpeded steps” and avoiding stumbling are reiterated, 2 promises for physical health are presented also.  Verse 10 promises “many years of life” and  verses 21 and 22 “life and health to the body”.  Medical science has made great strides in this regard; antibiotics, statins, transplants, genetics and advanced hospital care to name a few of its advances.  How is it that theological principles can also be seen as equally beneficial to health?  The middle portion of the chapter shows how.  In a word…Prevention.  Look at verses 15-19…”Avoid it”.  It is better to not get stabbed in a fight than to go under the reparative knife of Dr. Wonderful at the world famous medical center.  It is better to sleep well than to be robbed of sleep because of chemical or physical dependency.  It is not only the “avoid it” theological principle that scripture presents however.  Romans 8 gives a great promise of  theological intervention.  Just as the transplant team restores a person to physiologic efficiency by transplanting a new liver for an old one (and I have seen and worked with people in this capacity) the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:11) “also gives life to your mortal body” (and I have seen and worked with people in this capacity also…including myself).  Theological truth is just as capable of empowering a vibrant day in someone who is spiritually ill as a 10 pound lasix diuresis is in someone with a physiologically failing heart.  Life encompasses both of these situations.  A person set free from bondage to guilt, hate, abuse, dependency and depression is just as “physically new” as a bilateral below knee amputee running a 4 minute mile on titanium prostheses.  Lord, open our hearts to complete health…


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