Proverbs 9; Similar invitations but very different hosts

Two figurîtive women call out to passers by.  Their names are Wisdom and Folly.  They sit in the same places (from their respective houses at the heights of the city) and offer the same invitations, “whoever is naive let him turn in here”.  But from there the similarities end.  Wisdom offers a meal made with her own hands and advice to both a seeker and a discipler.  In contrast, Folly offers stolen food with a promise of sweetness and no advice.  How do we discern between these (at least initially) very similar invitations?  By the fruit of their disciples; Wisdom has disciples “proceeding in the way of understanding” and Folly’s disciples are “dead in Sheol”.  In these verses, building this discernment is the implied first step in escaping naivete.  Lord grants us that insight.


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