Proverbs 16; On making decisions and plans

Scripture has a lot to say about the issue of seeking God in making life plans and decisions.  A lot has been written about  “the process” in devotional literature.  This chapter in Proverbs as well as Romans 12:1-2 have been influential for me in going through decision making processes.  Proverbs 16:1,9 remind us it is ok to plan.  However, God assesses our motives (16:2) and if they are humble, pleasing and committed to the Him (16:1-7), He promises to provide direction (16:9).  Romans 12:1-2 state that as we “present ourselves” to the Lord, He will make known His will to us.  Practically speaking this means as we prayerfully seek His will with the above attitudes, we can be confident that our decisions are the right ones and that consequences that follow are not “mistakes” but faith builders and affirmers.


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