Proverbs 24-25; Relationships with neighbors

In these verses there are many admonitions on neighborly behavior.  Who is my neighbor?  In this context it appears to be those who live and share life near us or within our circle of activities.  What are we reminded of?   In 24:28, Solomon reminds us to not be a witness against our neighbors without cause or to seek revenge in the bearing of witness.  25:8 reminds us to not go to court too hastily to “argue your case” or you may be humiliated.  Furthermore vs 9 reminds us to present issues initially directly to one’s neighbor and not to others first “or you may be reproached”.  25:17 reminds us to not set foot in our neighbor’s house too frequently or he may “become weary of you”.  25:18 again reminds us to not bear false witness against one’s neighbor.  In all of this we “are to control our spirit”  or we will be like a city that is “broken into and without walls’ (25:28).  The bottom line is that neighborly behavior involves patience, communication, honesty and a willingness to relate.  In our fast paced culture, these behavior patterns take a determined effort to apply.


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