Proverbs 26; When an outward expression and an inward heart are at odds

In this chapter there is a lot said about foolish and lazy behavior. It is pretty straightforward.  But in verses 24-26 Solomon shares an important insight that can be summarized in the question: what happens to a person when their outward attitude of expression is in conflict with their heart attitude, especially if the outward expression is disguising an inward hatred or hurt?  This “laying up deceit in one’s heart” (vs 24) will ultimately be revealed (vs 26).  If the end result ends up in disclosure, why try to mask the sour heart attitude?  This “masking” is the ultimate procrastination, avoiding reconciliation for the sake of temporary harmony all the while readying a “pit” to fall into (vs 27).  Reconciling our heart and expression is at the core of what God’s grace does for us.  As we become a new creation (2Cor 5:17), we can begin to live consistently both inwardly and outwardly based on who we are in Christ and not on what others or emotions are telling us at any given moment.


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