1 Corinthians 2:6-13; Why some understand and receive…

When reading these verses, it is easy to find oneself seeking an answer to a question that is not in the text, namely, why is is that some people do not believe of understand?  This question is the negative application of these verses and is not addressed here.  Rather the question of why some people are open to the Christian message of truth and hope in the gospel is addressed here.  Verse 10 says, “these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit”.  “These things” are a “wisdom of God (verse 7)” and the spirit referred to here is not our spirit but the person of the Holy Spirit.  Not that those who have understood “these things” are privileged, special or smarter.  In fact the reception and understanding of these things has nothing to do with the individual person but everything to do with God.  Thankfully we do not reason our way into spiritual truths (even though all spiritual truth is reasonable and logically consistent) but receive it as a gift from The Spirit of God.  It has always amazed me that 2 people could look at the same truth claims of scripture and have such opposite responses to them.  These verses show that those not responding to our embracing God’s wisdom have not received its impartation from the Holy Spirit.  Again the “why not” is not addressed here.  It is simply stated as “what is”.  However there is nothing standing in the way of anyone at any time asking for this movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives and hearts.


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