1 Corinthians 3:4-15; Choosing and building upon a proper foundation

Having challenged the immaturity that existed inside the Corinthian church which caused factions to develop along “party” lines (Paul vs Apollos), Paul now turns to both the structure and process of building a faith community.  He reminds any who have led or are leading in ministry that whoever the “humanly” leader was/is, any growth in the community is caused by God using each leader uniquely.  Some leaders start the work, some continue the work and some finish the work of any given ministry.  All are important but the common denominator is that God causes the growth of (vs 7) and grants rewards for (vss 8,13) the ministry.  Additionally these same leaders at all points in the building  process are called to set a proper foundation which is Jesus Christ (vs 19,11).  It is easy for us to try to emulate successful ministry people as we step into our areas of service (“if only I could preach like Chuck Smith” or “if only I could play guitar like Phil Keaggy”), forgetting that God has called us for who we are IN HIM to serve in those areas of ministry.  Our obedience in ministry to Him (Christ) is what facilitates outreach to different and varied types of people.


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